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Hard worker.
Fast learner.

I'm Chase, a designer and developer based in Salt Lake City, Utah.

I build online experiences front to back. Effective design should be driven by powerful, elegant applications. Magic happens when these are unified under a single, beautiful brand.

From nationwide organizations to growing businesses, I have the experience and skillset guaranteed to deliver results. I'm a front-end fanatic with a love for blending design and code into a platform that helps clients achieve their goals.

My Skillset

Working freelance as a designer and developer for several years taught me to adapt and learn based off the client mandate. Over the years I've done just about everything, and learned a lot along the way.

I'm constantly researching and evolving, whether it be for code best practices or keeping at the cutting edge of design trends.

Overall, I just love to build things. I love learning and tackling new challenges. I'm always open to talk about new opportunities! Let's get started on your next big idea.